Skipton Lifelong Learning Programmes for adults with Learning Disabilities – Purple Patch Arts

In our Lifelong Learning programmes, we use creativity (dance, drama, music, literature and visual arts) as a way to make educational topics and themes more accessible for adults with learning disabilities. All of our practitioners are highly skilled in delivering sessions to suit a range of needs, using a multi-sensory approach which creates an immersive and engaging experience for participants. As well as promoting lifelong learning our programmes also help participants to improve their social skills, confidence and independence skills.


Our Skipton Lifelong Learning programmes run 10am – 3pm on Thursdays or Fridays during academic term time (38 weeks/year). We offer new participants two free taster sessions, with programmes then costing £40 per day. Throughout the day we do lots of different arts education activities, and our workshops are interspersed with lots of social time which enables participants to develop their social skills. We do not provide personal care at Purple Patch but participants can bring along support to help them with this. Participants will also need to bring their own lunch. Sadly we cannot organise transport.


We use a carefully tailored Scheme of Work that runs to a yearly educational theme. Last year our theme was ‘Around The World’ and this year the theme is ‘Imagine’.


If you have any further questions about our programmes, would like to receive further information, or would like to arrange taster sessions for yourself or somebody you might know, please feel free to get in touch with us via: 07725 041801 or