World Mental Health Day October 2018

Each year 1 adult in 4, along with 1 child in 10, will have a mental health issue.

These conditions negatively impact on millions of people’s lives and we must tackle the stigma attached to mental health.

Together we must ensure good mental health for all and it is vital that we don’t stop talking, we keep talking and we seek help.

North Yorkshire Community Learning Partnership is committed to promoting positive mental well-being across the county and there will be a number of activities taking place across the county in support of World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10th October 2018.

We’ll be posting information about activities across North Yorkshire in our news section and please let us know if you are planning activities to support positive mental health and we’ll publish the information you send.  Our contact details are here…

In the meantime please click here to download the new info sheet published by NYCC’s Adult learning and Skills Service.

Together let’s ensure that those facing mental health challenges can and will gain access to the appropriate support channels and will live better lives.