In April 2017, the Steering Group agreed its plans and priorities for the remainder of 2016/17.  The tasks remaining for 2017/18 included:
  • Membership fees for 2017/18 will be sought from the original core members of the Steering Group.
  • Attempts will be made to establish a formal partnership with the Community Learning Partnership in York and, as one is formed, in the East Riding. The aim is to align Community Learning Strategies as far as possible and practical. A draft Memorandum of Agreement  has been prepared.
  • Area Groups will be consulted on the recently revised Strategic Guidance for development of community learning in North Yorkshire
  • Area Groups will be provided with a framework for their activities
  • In order to make efficient use of staff time from all organisations meeting times and venues will be shared wherever possible but always ensuring that the importance of the community learning agenda is not lost and time is provided for focussed discussions on those issues.
  • The current arrangements whereby NYCC’s ALSS provides administrative support for area meetings will continue and the arrangements whereby the Head of NYCC’s ALSS chairs the Strategy Group are confirmed.  Members of the Steering Group will chair area group meetings to provide a clear link between the two groups and a better level of accountability.
  •  NYCLP reserves and membership income will be used to commission priority pieces of work (when these cannot be taken forward by the coordinator or by members within their own core resources). Such work includes:


  • The development of a central resource (utilising digital solutions) to identify unmet needs and demands and efficient and effective delivery. (This is particularly relevant to young adults currently under-represented in community learning provision).
  • The promotion and further development as necessary of the availability of progression routes (including horizontal progression).
  • The pursuit of funding opportunities to respond to unmet needs and demands.
  • The promotion of the use of RARPA principles (and associated kite-marking) by all providers of learning (regardless of the funding stream).
  • Developing arrangements across the LEP area and beyond to facilitate ease of movement of learnings across Local Authority boundaries.
  • Enhanced promotion of the community learning offer and any associated events.
  • The re-launch the new NYCLP at a high profile event in Spring 2018.