Speak Out Service

We are here to support people with mental health, disabilities and much more. We are trying to encourage people to speak out about absolutely anything that affect their everyday lives and past life events too. Normally we would have a weekly topic and discussion on a 1 certain topic. However, this isn’t the top of people’s priorities at this time. So we shall just support each other get through each day as it comes now for the near future. If anyone does want to talk about anything present or past just post or message one of the team members who are me Helen Speak, Kirsty McFinnigan, Peter Speak & Amanda Cowton

If anyone is really struggling and would like a bit of extra support one of us will ring you if you let us know. We might not be able to have our groups in the community but we te here online and we can phone you. Or you can phone, text us on 07858827701

Or email us at speakoutcsg@yahoo.com

Please don’t struggle alone or think you are a burden everyone needs that extra little help sometimes.

Please pass Speak Outs details on to those who don’t have social media.