Who We Are


The Vision for Community Learning in North Yorkshire:

“There is a broad and coordinated offer of community learning across the county which accommodates people of all ages and motivations for learning, whether that be for economic, social, health or community reasons.”

This will be achieved by:

  • promoting social renewal by bringing local communities together to experience the joy of learning and the pride that comes with achievement

  • maximising the effect community learning has on the social, health, community and economic well-being of individuals, families and communities

  • Increasing the involvement of the community and individual learners (including potential learners)

  • Broadening the membership of the Strategy and area groups in order to further consolidate and develop their work

Our History

The North Yorkshire Community Learning Partnership (NYCLP) was founded in 2012 by nine core member organisations from across North Yorkshire. We committed to an integrated partnership approach to the provision of community learning and agreed to support one another as this approach was pursued.

Each organisation contributes resources to the partnership, including membership fees.

We hold regular Steering Group meetings which dovetail with regular meetings in districts. The district partnerships are open to all with an interest in community learning free of charge and have a large and growing membership.

The partnership acknowledges that whilst funding often follows the type of learning on offer, it is often the motivation for learning that dictates the desired outcomes for individuals. Community learning not only builds people’s skills and knowledge, but it gives them the opportunity to socialize, engage with their communities and develop a sense of belonging.

This may be their primary motive for undertaking the learning, rather than skills development.